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Screening of the topological charge in a correlated instanton vacuum Physical Review D.

Dirac spectra in dense QCD

Chiral phase transition and instanton-anti-instanton molecules Physical Review D. Baryonic correlators in the random instanton vacuum Nuclear Physics, Section B. Spectral sum rules and Selberg's integral formula Physics Letters B. Mesonic correlation functions in the random instanton vacuum Nuclear Physics, Section B.

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Quark propagation in the random instanton vacuum Nuclear Physics, Section B. Anyon spectra and the third virial coefficient Nuclear Physics, Section B.

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  4. QCD instantons at finite temperature I. Gluonic interactions and the fermion determinant Nuclear Physics, Section B. Chiral symmetry breaking and correlations in the instanton liquid Nuclear Physics, Section B.

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    Chiral fermions in the instanton vacuum at finite temperature Nuclear Physics, Section B. Flavor mixing in the instanton vacuum Nuclear Physics, Section B. Dense skyrmion systems Nuclear Physics, Section A. Is the nucleon strange? Physics Letters B.

    Koopman Spectral Analysis (Continuous Spectrum)

    Instantons and chiral dynamics Physics Letters B. Pseudoscalars in the instanton liquid model Physics Letters B. Graded symmetry and Anderson localization on the Bethe lattice for time-reversal invariant systems Nuclear Physics, Section B. Phase structure of the skyrme model Nuclear Physics, Section A. Long-range stiffness of spectral fluctuations in integrable scale-invariant systems Journal of Physics a: Mathematical and General.

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    Higher-order level correlations in integrable quantum systems Journal of Physics a: Mathematical and General. Scattering of skyrmions in an axially symmetric system Nuclear Physics, Section A. Symmetry and quantization of the two-skyrmion system: The case of the deuteron Nuclear Physics, Section A. Axial symmetry of bound baryon number-two solution of the Skyrme model Physics Letters B. Chaotic motion and collective nuclear rotation Physics Letters B.

    Investigation of the formula for the average of two S-matrix elements in compound nucleus reactions Annals of Physics.

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    Statistical theory of precompound reactions: The multistep compound process Annals of Physics. Critique of the replica trick Journal of Physics a: Mathematical and General. Spectral fluctuation properties of Hamiltonian systems: The transition region between order and chaos Journal of Physics a: General Physics. Fluctuations of quantum spectra and their semiclassical limit in the transition between order and chaos Journal of Physics a: Mathematical and General.

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    Quantum spectra of classically chaotic systems without time reversal invariance Physics Letters A. Scale-invariant Lyapunov exponents for classical hamiltonian systems Physics Letters A. Grassmann integration in stochastic quantum physics: The case of compound-nucleus scattering Physics Reports.

    Quantum spectra and transition from regular to chaotic classical motion Physical Review Letters. Statistical nuclear theory as an Anderson model of dimensionality zero Physical Review Letters. Grassmann integration and the theory of compound-nucleus reactions Physics Letters B. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Springer Theses Free Preview.

    Summarizes in a coherent manner the full content of the author's research on applications of random matrix theory to QCD, which was originally published in separate papers Contains a reader-friendly, detailed introduction to the physics of dense quark matter, with abundant references to the original literature Nominated as an outstanding Ph. D thesis by the University of Tokyo's Physics Department in see more benefits.

    Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Gaining a theoretical understanding of the properties of ultra-relativistic dense matter has been one of the most important and challenging goals in quantum chromodynamics QCD.