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  2. Introduction to Sets
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  4. Set symbols of set theory (Ø,U,{},∈,)

Despite all these differences in emphasis and approach, Descartes' work ultimately made a great contribution to the theory of functions. The Cartesian product may be misnamed, but Descartes surely deserves the tribute. What are the corresponding logical statements? You probably have encountered only normal sets, e. This is called Russell's Paradox. Examples like this helped make set theory a mathematical subject in its own right.

Although the concept of a set at first seems straightforward, even trivial, it emphatically is not.


Collapse menu 1 Logic 1. Logical Operations 2. Quantifiers 3. De Morgan's Laws 4.

Introduction to Sets

Mixed Quantifiers 5. Logic and Sets 6. Families of Sets 2 Proofs 1.

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Direct Proofs 2. Divisibility 3.

Existence proofs 4. Induction 5. Uniqueness Arguments 6. Indirect Proof 3 Number Theory 1. Congruence 2. The Euclidean Algorithm 4. When we say that A is a subset of B, we write A B. When we talk about proper subsets, we take out the line underneath and so it becomes A B or if we want to say the opposite, A B. This is known as the Empty Set or Null Set. There aren't any elements in it. Not one. So let's go back to our definition of subsets. We have a set A. We won't define it any more than that, it could be any set.

Elements, subsets, and set equality (Screencast 2.3.3)

Is the empty set a subset of A? Going back to our definition of subsets, if every element in the empty set is also in A, then the empty set is a subset of A. But what if we have no elements? It takes an introduction to logic to understand this, but this statement is one that is "vacuously" or "trivially" true. A good way to think about it is: we can't find any elements in the empty set that aren't in A , so it must be that all elements in the empty set are in A. The empty set is a subset of every set, including the empty set itself.

No, not the order of the elements. In sets it does not matter what order the elements are in. A finite set has finite order or cardinality. An infinite set has infinite order or cardinality. For infinite sets, all we can say is that the order is infinite.

Oddly enough, we can say with sets that some infinities are larger than others, but this is a more advanced topic in sets. Hide Ads About Ads.

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Introduction to Sets Forget everything you know about numbers. In fact, forget you even know what a number is. This is where mathematics starts. Instead of math with numbers, we will now think about math with "things". When talking about sets, it is fairly standard to use Capital Letters to represent the set, and lowercase letters to represent an element in that set.

So for example, A is a set, and a is an element in A.

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  7. Same with B and b, and C and c. Example: Are these sets equal? At just that time, however, several contradictions in so-called naive set theory were discovered. In order to eliminate such problems, an axiomatic basis was developed for the theory of sets analogous to that developed for elementary geometry.

    Set symbols of set theory (Ø,U,{},∈,)

    In naive set theory, a set is a collection of objects called members or elements that is regarded as being a single object. A set may be defined by a membership rule formula or by listing its members within braces.

    Nonetheless, it has the status of being a set. Set theory. Article Media. Info Print Print.