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  1. Green sisters featured in The Atlantic | National Catholic Reporter
  2. Sounds Local: The Green Sisters to play album release show at 1794 Meetinghouse
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  4. Sounds Local: The Green Sisters to play album release show at 1794 Meetinghouse
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Some sisters are not engaged at all with environmental priorities. This diversity is seen not as a weakness but as strength within the communities, as Janet Lander, a Sister of St. Joseph, explained. So, each person would be doing her best — in each her own way is fine. The activities of the community present one side of the story, and the individual narratives fill out the actions.

This is true on a small scale — within one community — all the way up to the national level. While communities have different models of governance, it was clear that each individual contributes to the priorities and activities of the community as a whole. Concepts I originally thought were wholly unique are visible in messaging from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Green sisters featured in The Atlantic | National Catholic Reporter

While it would be easy to assume the local actions are the result of top-down priorities, this is not at all the case. It is just as likely that actions on the ground are the result of one committed individual inspiring others to action, impacting the priorities of the LCWR as a whole. Heavily influenced by the new story of science as seen in the spiritual writings of Theilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry as well as environmental writers such as Rachel Carson or Stephanie Mills, many sisters embrace principles of ecology as a natural expansion of social justice.

Often, a discussion I was having with the sisters would move easily from the design of the universe as proof of an ever-present God to Silent Spring and chemical use in agricultural to issues of immigration reform, human trafficking and non-violence.

Sounds Local: The Green Sisters to play album release show at 1794 Meetinghouse

The environmental priorities in a community are just one piece of the puzzle. Taking a wide-angled view does not dilute the actions; rather, it grounds the activities in the larger mission of these big-picture women. While the communities here in Kansas are clearly part of a larger movement of women religious, they are also firmly rooted in a long-standing tradition within the church. As expressed in papal pronouncements from Pope Paul VI to Pope Francis, environmental destruction most directly impacts the poor and voiceless — precisely those people Christians are to protect.

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As a result, the Catholic response, set upon the foundation of Catholic social teachings on justice and the economy, is primarily that of environmental justice or eco-justice. Awareness of and attention to the implications of a global society with complex inter-connections prompts a focus on justice in economics and politics, which leads easily to ecology.

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The environmental crisis has progressed from categorically a moral issue, to a social issue, and, ultimately, a life issue. The stories of the Green Sisters in Kansas are firmly rooted in the rural landscape, told by women who grew up in the wake of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, who remember the first time chemicals were used on the farm and who understand now the devastating effects chemicals have on the environment, but who weigh that understanding with the realities of rural life and the global economy.

The stories are both inspirational and practical, connected to long-standing Catholic teaching and on the leading edge of social justice.

She is involved in a number of environmental organizations and runs a family farm. Column Capital E: Earth.

Sounds Local: The Green Sisters to play album release show at 1794 Meetinghouse

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