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The traditional methods expounded in the first edition have been absorbed into thegrowing field of "computational chemistry": but the whole fabric of the subject has also changed under the impact of techniques originating in theoretical physics. Consequently, besides rewriting much of the original text, it has been necessary to add an almost equal amount of completely new material: this covers second quantization and diagrammatic perturbation theory,symmetric and unitary group methods, new forms of valence bond theory, dynamic properties and response, propagator and equation-of-motiontechniques and the theory of intermolecular forces.

Problems withhints on solutions appear at the end of each chapter and form a valuable supplement to the text.

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Like the first edition, this is a "teaching book" which follows a deductive step-by-step path from basic principles up to the current frontiers of research. Although aimed primarily at graduate students and their teachers, it should be standard reference for all who come in contact with modern theories of the electronic structure and properties of molecules.

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The last twenty years have seen remarkable advances in molecular quantum mechanics. The traditional methods expounded in the first successful edition of this book have been implemented on a grand scale. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry First principles view on chemical compound space: Gaining rigorous atomistic control of molecular properties O.

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Grant Hill Quantum mechanics approaches to drug research in the era of structural chemogenomics Andrey V. Szalay, Isaiah Shavitt, Russell M.

21. Perturbation Theory - part-1

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