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Doctors noted that individuals suffering from mental illness often expressed themselves in drawings and other artworks, which led many to explore the use of art as a healing strategy.

Since then, art has become an important part of the therapeutic field and is used in some assessment and treatment techniques. Art therapy can be used to treat a wide range of mental disorders and psychological distress. In many cases, it might be used in conjunction with other psychotherapy techniques such as group therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy. One review of the effectiveness of art therapy found that this technique helped cancer patients undergoing medical treatment improve their quality of life and alleviated a variety of psychological symptoms.

An art therapist may use a variety of art methods including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage with clients ranging from young children to the elderly. Clients who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can benefit from expressing themselves creatively. Inpatient offices, private mental health offices, schools, and community organizations are all possible settings where art therapy services may be available.

Some specific setting where art therapy might take place include:. Where an art class is focused on teaching technique or creating a specific finished product, art therapy is more about letting clients focus on their inner experience. In creating art, people are able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings.

Art Analysis: Meaning of The Scream by Edvard Munch

Clients are encouraged to create art that expresses their inner world more than making something that is an expression of the outer world. While research suggests that art therapy may be beneficial, some of the findings on its effectiveness are mixed. Studies are often small and inconclusive, so further research is needed to explore how and when art therapy may be most beneficial.

Are you interested in a career in art therapy? While laws vary from state to state, in most cases you may need to first become a licensed clinical psychologist , professional counselor, or social worker in order to offer psychotherapy services. Start by checking with your state to learn more about the education, training, and professional credentials you will need to practice art therapy.

ATCB offers credentialing programs allow art therapists to become registered, board-certified, or licensed art therapists, depending upon the state in which they live and work. Additional post-graduate supervised experience is also required. You can learn more about the training and educational requirements to become an art therapist on the AATA website. Art therapists fall under the umbrella term of recreational therapists, which also includes mental health professionals who utilize performance, sports, and other recreational activities to facilitate mental wellness.

Have you ever wondered what your personality type means? Sign up to get these answers, and more, delivered straight to your inbox. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How do patients actually experience and use art in hospitals? The significance of interaction: a user-oriented experimental case study. Effectiveness of art therapy with adult clients in —What progress has been made? Frontiers in Psychology. More in Psychology. How It Works.

3S Artspace | Nonprofit Art Space in Portsmouth NH

How to Become an Art Therapist. View All. Some situations in which art therapy might be utilized include:.

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Children with learning disabilities Adults experiencing severe stress Children suffering from behavioral or social problems at school or at home People experiencing mental health problems Individuals suffering from a brain injury Children or adults who have experienced a traumatic event. The personality or persona naturally takes on the gender role that you are born to physically. Not always, as we know, but this is the general default orientation.

The psyche compensates for this by birthing a contra sexuality in the inner life of the person. Women have a contra sexuality which is masculine in nature and this is called the Animus. Men have a contra sexuality which is feminine in nature and this is called the Anima. And beyond that let me say I agree that these strict and traditional classifications are not universally applicable.

However for the sake of explaining these concepts, it is easier if we start with these classical definitions. So putting the above together we can say the following:. In a woman her contra sexuality is masculine and governs her rational thinking function and we call this the Animus. In a man his contra sexuality is feminine and governs his irrational feeling function and we call this the Anima.

These are some of the more well known and fundamental roles of the soul and how the soul operates when it is appropriate placed and functional. Neuroses in a Jungian sense are frequently a manifestation of a displaced soul life.

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I will give some examples of this later on. The idea of a transpersonal psychic structure which transcends the personal. An archetype is like a Platonic Ideal. It exists as a Universal or an Idea which is common to all of mankind. The Jungian mathematician Robin Robertson refers to this as a cognitive invariant , meaning it has universality, a commonality which is evident across multiple individual psyches.

Systems Thinking - The Secret to Understanding your Inner World

Following the above it is such that the child has this latent archetype or capacity in the psyche prior to birth. However in the case of an absent parent the child will base the initial archetypal colouring on a parental surrogate. An older woman or man who the child can relate to as a parental substitute, filling the void created by the missing parent. This parental relationship then is the prime imprinter of the anima or animus as the case may be.

Whilst it is not the sole imprinter and the image of the contra sexual self is evolved with later more mature relationships with the opposite sex, it has as can be imagined the single biggest influence. One of the differentiating qualities which Jung identified between the animus and anima is that the animus has a multiplicity to it whereas the anima appears more in the singular. A good example of this is the fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — who are all animus manifestations, psychologically speaking.

The animus when it is integrated in a healthy female psyche would typically imbue the following qualities:. Good rational and logical ability. Ability for clear non attached thought.

Painting and Our Inner World

Ability to construct by sustained effort and application. A strong centre. Good external strength in the persona. Bridge to knowledge and creative thought. Problem solving. When the animus is displaced or overwhelms the female psyche it may exhibit some of the following symptoms:. Know it all behaviour. Inability to effectively and meaningfully relate. The Anima is generally related to in the singular both in the inner and outer worlds.