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Ever since her brother died while fighting for the Union, Beth Bennet has vowed to blame, suspect, and hate anyone associated with the Confederate Army.

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  • Pemberley Ranch – Jack Caldwell.
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True to character, George Whitehead does unspeakable and scandalous deeds both during and after the Civil War. While in Rosings, George Whitehead is attempting to make his fortune by scamming resident farmers with his cohorts, the indomitable Catherine Burroughs and corrupt bank manager Billy Collins. With such perfidious and heartless villains in residence, do the townspeople of Rosings even stand a chance?

Readers will find this variation of Pride and Prejudice to be distinctive and unique for many various reasons. One aspect that makes this novel unusual is that it was written by a man.

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While several men have penned Austen-Inspired novels in recent years, to find one that does not include zombies, sea monsters, or vampires is a rarity. Because Pemberley Ranch is written by a man, it does have a bit more of a masculine feel to it which I found quite intriguing. There is much more action and adventure in this novel, and readers should expect some danger and violence.

Pemberley Ranch by Jack Caldwell

Darcy as a cowboy? All the men are out herding cattle and working the fields while the womenfolk are busy churning butter and canning vegetables.

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Instead of a world of society, luxury, and pleasure, Pride and Prejudice is transported to a time of hard work and simplicity. I was enthralled by this remarkable and adventurous variation of Pride and Prejudice!

Pemberley Ranch, by Jack Caldwell – A Review | Austenprose - A Jane Austen Blog

I found it to be a spectacular integration of romance, war, history, adventure, and conflict. Caldwell is a skilled story-teller and his debut novel, Pemberley Ranch, is sure to entrance and excite lovers of history and the Old West. I eagerly anticipate reading more from Jack Caldwell, and look forward to his next release, The Three Colonels , due out in !

Note: I would recommend this novel for Mature Audiences.

Pemberley Ranch

No spam guarantee. I just finished this one and enjoyed it too , though not as much as you did.

I would however read another one written by him. It seems you liked it a lot, Meredith.

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  • Pemberley Ranch by Jack Caldwell.
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Thanks for your inspiring review. So glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Three Colonels

Darcy are now residents of the Old West,courtesy of debut author Jack Caldwell. Pemberley Ranch introduces us to Beth Bennet,whose family has relocated from their small farm in Ohio upon the end of the Civil War and hopes to make a fresh start in the town of Rosings,Texas. While elder sister Jane has had the good fortune to become the bride of esteemed local doctor Bingley,Beth and her other sisters Mary,Kathy and Lily are still adjusting to their new home as well as the changes in society due to Reconstruction.

Beth has made an unexpected acquaintance in Will Darcy,the owner of Pemberley Ranch who also happens to be good friends with Doc Bingley,a fellow companion from his days fighting for the South. Since Beth is still in mourning for her brother Samuel,who died while in camp for the North,her first impressions of Darcy are not very favorable. Her mindset becomes even more determined against him upon talking to George Whitehead,an up and coming wheeler and dealer with business ties to Cate Burroughs,a relative of Darcy's involved in shady land grabs throughout the area.

Whitehead and his cronies have a long past history with Darcy that only few know the truth of,plus plenty of present reasons to discredit him,especially with the ladies: Despite her intention to not like him,Beth and Will wind up in each other's company quite a bit due to their small social circles.

Review: Pemberley Ranch by Jack Caldwell

While Beth persists in holding on to her bias against Southerners,she does strike up a friendship with Will's sister Gaby and their cousin Anne that slowly begins to change her mind and possibly her heart about a few things. Meanwhile,Darcy has fallen deeply in love with Beth and when not on the lookout for Whitehead's schemes to take over Rosings,he longs to openly express his feelings to Beth and takes an opportunity at a local barbecue to do so.

That fateful encounter does not end well but it does open a door into what happened to Darcy during the war that showcases his true nature along with Whitehead's. Regardless of that,the path to love for these two is still far from smooth: This story is not so much a retelling as it is a re-imagined take on Austen's classic characters and Jack Caldwell nimbly transplants them into a time and place in American history that suits them rather well.

Indeed,it is to the credit of the source material to be so readily agreeable to new twists on it's tale and also to the credit of Jack Caldwell to be able to blend the Western genre with the Regency Romance as skillfully as he does.